– Business Idea Test –

At Histoires Digitales, we understand the importance of validating a business idea before fully embarking on its production. That’s why we offer a Business Concept Test service, which saves you time, money and resources by testing your concept on the web and social networks before it goes into actual production.

– How does it work? –


Webpages Creation :

Our team of professionals creates web pages dedicated to your business concept. These pages are designed to capture visitors’ attention and engage them with your idea. They highlight the key features of your concept and create a sense of anticipation among visitors.


Social Network Use :

We use social networks to spread your concept to a targeted audience. This allows us to reach potential users who can provide valuable feedback and feedback. We also encourage pre-orders by using attractive incentives to encourage users to express interest and take action.


Online Ads :

In addition to social networks, we use targeted online advertising campaigns to promote your concept to a wider audience. This allows us to obtain a more representative sample of the opinion of potential users and increase the chances of generating pre-orders.


Feedbacks collection :

Through dedicated web pages, social networks and online advertising, we collect feedback from potential users. This valuable feedback helps us assess the appeal of your concept, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make adjustments if necessary. We also use this opportunity to encourage users to express their interest by offering pre-order options.


Analysis and Recommandations :

Our team analyzes the results of the concept test and provides recommendations based on user feedback. This information allows you to make informed decisions about the further development and production of your idea, while taking into account the level of interest generated by pre-orders.

– Benefits of the Business Idea Test –

  • Cost Saving: By testing your concept before its actual production, you avoid spending considerable resources on an idea that may not meet market expectations.
  • Variant Testing: The concept test lets you explore different variants and iterations of your idea, identifying what works best for your target audience.
  • Feedback from Future Users: By soliciting feedback from potential users, you gain valuable insights into the needs, expectations and preferences of your target market.
  • Generation of Pre-orders: The concept test also offers the possibility to generate pre-orders, which allows you to measure the real interest in your product or service before its production.
  • Save Time: The concept test allows you to quickly identify the necessary adjustments, saving you time in the development and production process.