– SEO & SEM –

SEO: Search Engine Optimization: get maximum visibility on Google search engines and others.

We work on optimizing your website, its content and its structure to improve your ranking in organic results. Our data-driven and best practice SEO approach ensures an increase in qualified traffic and conversions.

Local SEO

Optimize your content and local SEO to allow your business to appear in first position when users are near your location.

On Page SEO

  • Code optimization
  • Structure and content optimization
  • User Experience Optimization (UX)
  • Optimization of the internal mesh (links between the elements of your site)

Off Page SEO

  • Quality backlinks (links located off your site that point to your site) – link creation, link maintenance (deletion of toxic links…)
  • Feedback and comments
  • Guest Content

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) : Maximize your Visibility Instantly

SEM brings together paid marketing activities on search engines. We manage targeted advertising campaigns, including through Google Ads, to put your business at the top of search results.

By using accurate targeting strategies, we help you reach your target audience at the right time, generating skilled traffic and increased conversions.

We are a Google Parner certified agency.